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Nice sequal to the original. I wish it could have been a bit longer but it made me laugh so cudos to you.

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Lol damn that was hilarious! This deserves to be on front page. great job man!

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Pretty good

The animation was really good but the voice acting was a little bad. That aside, I enjoyed it very much.

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DemonicDragon93 responds:

Thanks a lot for viewing and thank you for enjoying it

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It was good

The one major thing that got me was the terrible slowdown when to many objects got on the screen. I turned the quality down to low, but still had terrible slow down. It may be a glitch in the game, but other than that it was a good game.

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Great game, I just can't find all of the fails, the doughnuts, and the hidden achievement. But that's just me being lazy. :P

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yeah it takes some effort. :P

good for a start

nice first flash dude

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TrillingBird responds:

thanks for the love man my next project is bleach game which im working on

its going to be huge though lol

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Wow man

This song really captures the soul of every megaman game. I don't see how capcom hasn't hired you for making music for them!!!!

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Totally badass remix bro! Keep up the good work!


An epic song with a modern twist! Wicked!!!

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A very good drawing!

Yes this may be just Another run-of-the-mill Skyrim fan art, but I really admire the detail and artistry you put into this. I would rate it higher, but originality took a big hit on the score since everyone is doing Skyrim art, but it does capture the soul of the game. Congrats on front page mate!

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I love it but....

How come Bulzeeb isn't in the back? I mean Orion is somewhat important to the story but Bulzeeb practically helps you beat the final boss. I'm not dissing your artwork or anything like that, just thought I could throw in some helpfull critisisim.

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holy shit

This is totally Badass!

Meh I'm sorta normal if you count being a megaman nerd normal. other than that I'm your average type of guy, lovin life and trying not to screw up to badly.

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